Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching up II

The image is a bunch of garbage (literally). There aren't any reliable garbage collection systems here so everyone usually ends up burning it, which I can't blame them... but a lot of the carcinogens released might cause some problems in the long run..

Or just tossing it wherever. [Littering makes me cringe] But I guess I was conditioned that way...


Woke up & Nicole (My host mom) made me breakfast, eggs/bacon & some toast. Packed a “bun and cheese” for me for lunch and walked me to the church to make sure I knew where I was going. [which I definitly appreciate]

Our Patois class was pretty minimal, the other ones went an hour over so Nicole and I missed the bus.. I came home, and was taking my things off the clothesline just as she and Duckie (her cousin) dropped by- he's a really sweet guy.

Favorite quotes so far...

We were driving through some slum ran by the JLP- it's a political party here, there's a lot of political violence/corruption between them and the PNP so needless to say... I'm staying out of politics for once. Anyway on the side of the road there was a huge pile of trash and a bunch of goats picking through it..

“Peace corps!!! Off the bus. Pick up trash. Adopt a goat.”

Aaaaaand another scenrio.. I was messing around with this really cool hand carved chess set in the lobby of the Colin Powell plaza..

“Did you check in yet?”
“Yeah just messing around with these. Some of them are broken.”
"You see Angela?!?? This is why we can’t have nice stuff. You always break things."


Anyway more and more and more and more... training. Then downtown kingston/the market there, wouldn’t dare whip out my nice camera but I wanted to soooo bady, it really reminded me of some of the markets in China... minus the Chinese/me being an Amazonian woman in comparison. I should be getting private property insurance soon...

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