Friday, March 20, 2009

Catching Up I

Another long day of training. Nancy’s phone (my roommate at Mayfair) didn’t go off this morning and our wakeup call never happened so we woke up in a mad rush.

Anyway.. I had some strange nightmares last night, which for me is odd because I can't recall ever having had them before. Tossing and turning so much woke me up, realized I was rested and freaked out because usually when I wake up “rested” it’s about 10am and I’m late for work...

So I franticly woke her up, we missed breakfast and had to desperately throw everything in the suitcases/get them loaded in the van, check our keys back, and sprint over to a new building to get more immunizations (Hepatitus A & B). Arm rolled up, the nurse made me laugh, hop back on the bus and head to Colin Powell Plaza.

Training dragged a little but the administer was entertaining- we also did this weird exercise that consisted of intense eye contact with each person in a circle.

More training, then hopped on the bus to Hellshire. My host mother is cool so far... We walked down to some house in the middle of the night and got very good jerk chicken and "festival"

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