Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 1 of training(ish) B

I cannot wait to get a shower and go to bed right now. I picked up "Egg and protein" shampoo because it was the cheapest thing possible and smelled good.

We're all sitting outside right now using laptops because we can't get a signal inside.

The building we did training at today had an absolutely beautiful view of Kingston. A performings arts group came in and sang at the welcome ceremony, then we had more introductions/quite a few hours of training.

Our lunch break turned out nicely because we found a food market & a few of us pulled in money to get fresh peppers, tomatoes, hummus and pita bread to eat instead of fast food. More training, safety/medical.. the first aid kits they gave us were really nice, and I'm sure I'm really going to appreciate the mosquito net later. Came back to Mayfair, ate and here we are.

I'm just zoning out and enjoying listening to the crickets.

The age range of the group is pretty large which I actually like, I think the average age is 45? There are a few couples who are volunteering together too. I love hearing about people's lives and what they've experienced/what's brought them here.. being drafted in the Vietnam war etc. There are still a lot of other volunteers I'm gradually getting to know but everyone here is really cool, including the staff.

I'm going to finally get a shower (they finally fixed it today, took a 10 second cold one with no water pressure this morning) and pass out. We're waking up at 7 to get immunizations/head to Hellshire, which I've heard is beautiful. Meeting our 1st Host family & going to live with another one in a few weeks. I'm not sure if I'm going to have internet at any point but definitely taking advantage of it as much as possible when I can.

Here's to hoping the shower works...

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