Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miami Airport terminal

Mom cried in the airport and saying goodbye to my family wasn't real. I’m just on vacation right now. I don’t know why they’re getting upset.

I thought it was really sweet to find notes from all of them wrapped/stuffed into different parts of my luggage. I’m really going to miss them.

Staging went pretty well. I procrastinated a little too much over the past week and made up for it by not sleeping Monday night. After barely sleeping on Sunday I passed out on the plane for a half hour.

The plane’s wheels going down/the rough landing woke me up. Switched flights in Chicago at Ohare.

That airport is kind of annoying after a while, and takes forever to walk through. Landed in Miami 3 hours later, they my bags into my room and headed to orientation/staging which lasted 6 long, agonizing hours. I ducked out a few times to get energy drinks and coffee because all they had for us was water.

After the meeting a few of us needed extra passport photos for IDs there so we got the group together and walked around Miami for a while, finally found a Walgreens with a very cranky employee.

Let me tell you: I love humidity. I’m probably one of the only people you’ll hear say that but the weather here is great! It’s not late summer of course, I’ll probably be complaining around then... but I feel instantly mellow/ sedated in this weather.

I like to sweat... but I realize now bringing my flat-iron was pretty pointless. My hair has already puffed up but I’m growing it long anyway so hopefully it chills out after a while.

After we finally got the photos done we wandered over to some random Cuban joint that ended up being really, really good and authentic. It was a strange sensation feeling out of place when I’m in the US when my server doesn’t speak English, and I’m trying my best to pronounce everything in Spanish.

This is where studying Spanish instead of French for so long would have been helpful but I liked the language too much.

Finally got everything done and went back to the hotel around 11pm, had a celebratory drink with everyone on the trip to St Patrick’s Day and back to the room to borrow my roommate’s phone. Went to bed around 12:30 and woke up very efficiently at 6am to grab a shower.

Checked into the airport, I love my government passport, each page looks!

But I’m sitting in the terminal right now, I should probably go back to the right concord but I have an hour before they start boarding and I’m enjoying the view. Plus this concord is warmer.

I started shivering during the orientation, can’t stand air conditioning.

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