Saturday, June 13, 2009

Solar Pump anyone?

Add ImageTime is flying I guess. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long but my departure seems like it was ages ago. I guess sometimes it's good to have no conception of time- I think I'm more on "Jamaican time" than a lot of Jamaicans.

So the project at right is going well. We spent a day draining the pond in the gardens- catching tadpoles, fish & frogs to relocate them to another aquatic location while we fix it up.

I was happy, got to catch a frog.

So we drained it, chipped off decades and decades worth of old paint layers, patched up holes with cement, are treating it & then should have things done in a few weeks.

The whole project has been moving along very quickly- I'm getting into contact with a few people right now in hopes of getting a solar pump donated.

It would be an excellent opportunity for environmental education/advertising alternative sources of energy for anyone who visits-so why not?
Much more aesthetically pleasing considering we're using thin piping with a hole drilled into it right now. It runs off of water pressure from from an old uphill irrigation system.
You can see our version of a fountain at right.

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